First look at the book cover for The Secret Tide available from Amazon soon.

The Secret Tide by Paul Frith

The design for the front and back cover are ready for submission so I thought I’d preview it for you on my blog.

I’ve also reproduced the blurb below. Hope you like it.


“When Tom and Molly Shuttle were forced to stay with their strange Aunt and Uncle Hobble and even stranger cousin Seymour they thought their summer holiday was over before it had begun.

But all that was about to change when they met the locals of Willow-by-the-Sea.

‘There’s only one thing to remember while you’re here,’ Seymour had told his cousins, Keep away from the old house on the rocks. That’s where the Dark Man lives.’

Soon enough though Tom and Molly’s adventures lead them to discover that all is not as it seems with the Dark Man. He has a secret buried not only deep in his past but also deep beneath the rocks where the tide ends and the cliffs begin.

No one else has ever seen the secret tide until now.”

The Secret Tide by Paul FrithStill on track for release with a little more editing to go.

Will also be looking soon at the devices you will be able to use apart from the usual suspects at your disposal for downloading  direct from Amazon.

Also coming soon will be some news on the chapters therein.

Thank you for keeping with me this far.

All the very best. ;0)