250 Word Short Story – Game Over by Paul Frith

Game Over

‘We both know I’m not going to make it out of here,’ Jenkins gathered fistfuls of Mackey’s jacket.

Truth was Mackey knew he was right. He was in a bad shape himself but he didn’t let on to Jenkins. He’d managed to catch a bullet in the leg as he was thrown from the jeep and it was already showing through his fatigues. Jenkins had got the worst of it. He’d been driving when it flipped; his lower half pinned underneath.

‘Don’t talk like that soldier. We’re getting out of this place.’ It was a lie.

Jenkins let go of his jacket. ‘I’ve heard it gets dark real quick in this place Sarge.’

Jenkins didn’t know the half of it. None of the new recruits knew what they were signing up for. ‘Jenkins I’m going to go for help.’ It was another lie. The game was already lost. The darkness rules all and it was coming. Mackey heard voices like thunderclaps in a dry sky. He stopped suddenly. ‘It’s time. Here it comes.’ Mackey said.

Jenkins looked into the sky but saw nothing. That’s how it happens. Suddenly he was aware the jeep had gone and he was flying but there hadn’t been any explosion. Mackey and Jenkins held onto each other. At least they’d go together. It was terribly lonely in the dark.


Tommy was as mad as thunder as he scooped up his toys and tossed them into the shoebox. It was time for school.

Game Over.