The Secret Tide and You – How Will You Choose to Read.

As of writing this blog entry there are about 17 days before the release of the electric version of the childrens book ‘The Secret Tide’ on the 15th November 2012. Not surprisingly, as with a relatively new medium and way of buying books there have been a few questions regarding access and ease of reading etc. I have to admit this is a new area for me also.

In the first instance the book will be available to download from Amazon as a Kindle download. Does this mean then that if you haven’t got a Kindle you won’t be able to own the book and read it? NO. Thankfully all smartphones and PC’s amd MAC computers can have their own Kindle APP which allows all your devices to behave like the kindle, providing you with the ease and comfort of reading your book.

I am currently at work testing ‘The Secret Tide’, running it through some Kindle and smartphone simulators (I know. I’m expecting the Terminators to turn up any second to shut me down), afterwhich I’ll be letting you know how you can access it through Amazon. After release date I will be turning my full attention to the possibility of a paperback version with a rather optimisic Christmas release.

I hope you have enjoyed these updates and I will look forward to your feedback on Amazon.

All the best

Paul ;o))