The Secret Tide and Drip Drip Marketing.

The Writing Magazine

Many thanks are due to those lovely folks at the Writing Magazine for including my book The Secret Tide in their Members News section. It was a particular thrill for my children whom discovered there dads picture suddenly looking up at them.

Thanks Again Guys.

I’m always grateful to those that approach me and tell me they have my book or have just downloaded it etc. It really is a great feeling that anyone would take the time out to emerge them in the story that you have created and conjured.

Drip, Drip Marketing:

Although I’m not pushing The Secret Tide as much now, instead concentrating on my next novel, ‘The Occupier’ I do get involved in a little bit of what I call Drip, Drip Marketing. And folks it’s the easiest thing you can do on the move. It’s simply this. A gentle reminder to those kind readers who purchase your novel to just leave a simple review/rating with the platform they purchased your book. It is a simple thing but powerful in promoting confidence in your title when readers first encounter your carefully chosen title and book cover design.

Good luck everyone.