In My Own Words

The Secret TideHi everyone. Here’s the short article I submitted to The Writing Magazine who were kind enough to feature my book The Secret Tide.

My manuscript for The Secret Tide was 12 years lost when I finally unearthed it. At the time I was hearing some exciting things about Amazon’s publishing arm as well as the distributing power of Smashwords; both helping authors realise their books into print (in the case of the former) as well as into the electronic market.

Because I only had a manuscript I set about transcribing so I could start the editing process. This was a valuable exercise as it reacquainted me with Tom, Molly and Seymour, three children on a quest to discover the truth of why a much loved member of a village suddenly disappeared and why the mysterious man who lives in the old house on the cliffs is so hell-bent on preventing them from discovering his secret.

Although it was a story with young readers in mind, I have had some wonderful feedback from my adult readers who, by their own admission “couldn’t stop turning pages”.

As for the writing process, I don’t have plots sown up in my head. I usually start with a single idea. In the case of The Secret Tide, I wondered what a child would do if they were suddenly dropped into a village so scarred with the events of some tragedy. The natural inquisitiveness of the young would be enough to stir up the still waters and get the locals looking in the right places. Without another thought in my head, and no clue as to what tragedy had befallen this quiet village I started to write. Soon enough, as the chapters unfolded, the Secret was revealed to me.

Seeing my book in print and holding that physical copy in my hands has been the kick-start I needed to keep going. Now I’m already planning my next two novels.

Thanks Everyone.