Think of this as Rescheduling 2.0

Well here I am again folks, one of those friends who says he’s going to ring but never gets round to it. Believe me when I say it’s not you, it’s me.
Anyway so here’s the latest. Busy busy busy.
A couple of pieces of ghost writing will soon be in the bag and I’m excited that one of them will be featured right here on my blog. Check out R.F. Sylpaisa’s tab at the top of the page. By kind permission she will allow me to feature her short book on The philosophy of Wing Chun, something I have a little bit of experience with on this very blog. Having read the piece which I’m told is scheduled for release some time in August it has worked some kind of magic on me and as a result I’ll be doing my own spiritual stretching with a short book about….Well that would be telling…but I will give you the title. Its called ‘What’s the Frequency Abe?’ And I’m very excited about it. It feels like it’s a book I’ve wanted to write for years, so much so that I’ve hung onto that title for all of fourteen years.
So there you have it. From now until the year end I’ll be chucking myself in with these two spiritual numbers. So watch out for a new book by Miss Sylpaisa and don’t forget to follow my blog for the latest updates. Details of how all that witchcraft is achieved is over there on the left.

See you in the next post.