‘Write What You Know.’ – Are You Kidding Me?

How many times have I heard that phrase dripping from the great open jawed, best selling authors in the known universe: ‘Hey Bud. Write what you know.’ Ok strictly speaking the ones that have said it weren’t from the American Midwest slap bang in the middle of the fifties but they might as well have been as I contemplated the nugget of wisdom as old as the golden rule itself.
‘Hey I’ve got news for you,’ would have been my reply, if they could have heard me and if they were real and not a conglomeration pulsing within my brain/mind (I can never remember which one it is).
If I wrote what I knew then this would probably be my last blog post, I would have probably replied.
If I’m honest I haven’t got that many interests and certainly not enough to pretend I know a little bit more about it than the next man. And certainly not enough for them to be tearing down the blog walls, clamouring for my particular nuggets.
Then it hit me like an ex-wife in an elevator. (Just kidding people. I haven’t got one of those. They wouldn’t allow it in my building…The elevator not the ex-wife.)
‘What we know’ is everything about life and the human condition. As a writer of fiction its almost like having carte blanche to invent stories with real characters with real emotions and resolutions that we may have reached or would like to reach in our own lives.
We’ve all laughed and loved, sighed and cried, been elevated to the dizzy ecclesiastical heights of ecstasy and scraped each other off the floor when life just seems to stop between floors. Some of us have suffered at the hoven fists of well meaning family members and have come out the otherside with your best writing hand intact or at least we know people that have. Stories abound all around. I guess I got out of the habit of looking for for them.

Write what you know?

WOW! Where do I begin?

I’ll try my best but their really isn’t enough time…