It’s Not Just An Illusion – It’s a Real Eye Opener

IMG_3764Hey everyone I just finished reading Illusions by Richard Bach and I think…I think I get it now. No doubt in the not too distant future I will, after the seventeenth read, come out and say the same thing.
It just seems to be one of those books. It’s almost as If there are times in my life where I’m guided somehow towards a point of ideas or phrases that I just needed to hear in order to affect a shift in my nature or attitude. I think there are times like this for us all. Your answers may manifest in other ways. For me this time it was Illusions, tomorrow it might be the start of a new roll of toilet paper. I know weird or what.
I’ve said before that I picked up the bug for writing from authors like Bach who could say so much with so very few words, and Illusions is perfect. What if suddenly we were all hit with a Messiah complex like the protagonist in Bach’s book? What would we do? And on the first opening of the Messiah Handbook it told us that we already were THAT powerful.
Granted this work isn’t for everyone and that’s clear from the Amazon reviews, which are entertaining in themselves but it’s like I always say, ‘Imagine living your life having never travelled and seen the world because some guy tells you he’s been and what’s wrong with the shoes your livin’ in.’
Wow! Imagine if we all listened to THAT guy.