A Blog, What is it Good For, Absolutely Everything. Should I Say it Again?

Duncan-Blog-picEverything you want to say can and should be said. The confines of a diary or a journal or a blog is a means to allow you to express yourself however you choose. Only Fear of it being read can stopper your ink pot or deaden your mouse clicks and give you a sense of inadequacy and self doubt.

Most people these days turn to blogs to get their messages across when at other times they didn’t have the words to say what they meant or express how they felt. Finally a side of an argument that can be relayed without interruption. Now Imagine that. A place where you can express your beliefs? This just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?

Okay I’ll kick of the proceedings by imparting one of my current beliefs. You know that saying, ‘No Man is an Island’? Well I don’t believe that for a minute. Okay so it is my belief that that idea is totally flawed on a very human level. The idea that we should lay down and be defined by a collective thought or idea frankly sends a chill up and down my rented spine.

Can you imagine such a world whereby our thoughts and responses or reactions are defined by others? Well we probably don’t have to imagine such. It could be argued, quite convincingly that we are already immersed in such a world. For sure we interact with people that we love and are dizzily swayed this way and that by the choices that one’s close to us make but our actions and responses will always be in response to our own self and the way we want to feel. They are our first choices that we make internally. You can change a belief just like that (readers note that I just clicked my fingers…oh yeah I do that). All you are doing is checking how you feel. Want to feel different? Change your next thought, after all a belief is simply a thought that you keep thinking.

Just one thought at a time.

mind-depressionMy own personal window into depression has brought me to the conclusion that trying to change too many thoughts in order to feel better than I did was for me the first troubled step deeper into the darkness.

Remembering the lessons then of my experiences hopefully will equip me with the tools for dealing with those particular shadows and make my transition back into the light as easily as conjuring the thought itself.

Now I know that it is enough to just tweak my thoughts and notice the subtle differences in how I feel and the effect that I can a have on the external world because of simple changes in my thinking. Whether you’re a fan of the man Jesus or more drawn to the Ghandi man (both equally cool in sandals) then you’ll know they were onto something when they both uttered the similar teachings: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ and, ‘The kingdom of God is within.’ and ‘Seek first the kingdom and everything will be added to you.’ Like the smallest nudge on an ocean liner’s rudder can take you around the world if you let it, changing just one thought can bring about a brand new world worthy of your beliefs.

So I’ve established that I am an island and if you are with me thus far I may even have convinced you of a similar notion about yourself. By the way it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the author, of the precarious paradox I seem to be negotiating with that last statement, namely that I am attempting to make you aware of your own individuality, and bless you, your role is to be convinced by my own belief and apply it to yourself…Does anyone else’s head hurt?

1530579-bigthumbnailOkay so I’m an Island and your an Island and the Blog (Hey remember the Blog…it’s why we’re here in the first place) is the pier reaching out across an endless ocean of indifference. And there you stand upon your soapbox, teetering dangerously close to the edge of the pier, spouting to the fishes.

So Start Spouting. Have You Got Something To Say?

Remember this is your side of the argument, uninterrupted by the tepid viewpoints proffered by many, all clamouring to plant their proverbial flag in your head. (Never thrown those particular combinations of words together…think I’ll have a biscuit.) And here’s another idea that may prove uncomfortable and stick in your craw: We really care that these things, our little messages to the world are actually read. The Blog that you have imparted, that little vulnerable piece of you that is your gift to the world is your very own cathartic balm and the only closure you will ever experience from it is the idea that at least one of those little fishes has read it. Dare you to dream then you may dream that one of those little fishes may talk to another and another and another? Hey I’ve seen Finding Nemo…don’t tell me fishes can’t talk.

So let me just bring the mood down from the dizzy Disney heights we were enjoying with the Nemo reference and say that the Blog is like a suicide note for the living, we want it to be read we just don’t want to be around when it happens.

Hey this is my Blog and I’ll cry if I want to.

Whatever reason you decide to put finger to button and unleash the dormant creatures within, namely ideas and opinions, grievances, call to arms etc…It doesn’t really matter. Whatever it is you have to say is important because it is coming out of you. There’s nothing more thrilling than surprising yourself at the things you have inside you and in some cases the courage that you never knew you had to let it flow out into the world.

I know no one will read this and that is okay, but if by chance one of those little fishes finds this little morsel and decides to swim with it then this is for you.

Love and Peace little fish.