About Me

I love the story. Not any particular story. I just love the whole process of constructing and piecing the story together. For me they usually begin with an unusual ‘What if’ question. Then follows a rollercoaster of a ride with ideas and characters coming from the most unexpected places; a bus ride, a walk in the woods or a conversation with my eight year old son at the time, ‘What if you could control the sun’s rays by applying sun tan lotion directly on the sun.’ If you think I’m leaving that idea on the back burner…think again. Thanks Henry for that one.

As well as spending a great deal of time on constructing the novels I am absolutely in love with the short story and love churning them out.

I started out with a feel for the fantasy horror genre and so was naturally drawn to authors like Lovecraft and Matheson and Poe but it was to my children that I felt the pull toward writing for a younger audience. Like I said I love the story, wherever that may take me.

This juxture position of Fantasy/Horror/Children’s Adventure is certainly a challenge, switching from one to the other and is most certainly a nightmare for any publicist. Thank goodness then we have other outlets to peddle our jottings across the broad range of electrical readers, giving unprecedented choice for everyone out there.

Thanks for reading.

Love All.