Derbyshire Libraries Set to Shelve The Secret Tide

The Secret TideGreat News that the Derbyshire Libraries have snapped up copies of The Secret Tide for their shelves. So If you fancy a bit of peace and quiet and a nice read then get yourself along and search out a copy for yourself.

Great Stuff.

Thanks Everyone.


In My Own Words

The Secret TideHi everyone. Here’s the short article I submitted to The Writing Magazine who were kind enough to feature my book The Secret Tide.

My manuscript for The Secret Tide was 12 years lost when I finally unearthed it. At the time I was hearing some exciting things about Amazon’s publishing arm as well as the distributing power of Smashwords; both helping authors realise their books into print (in the case of the former) as well as into the electronic market.

Because I only had a manuscript I set about transcribing so I could start the editing process. This was a valuable exercise as it reacquainted me with Tom, Molly and Seymour, three children on a quest to discover the truth of why a much loved member of a village suddenly disappeared and why the mysterious man who lives in the old house on the cliffs is so hell-bent on preventing them from discovering his secret.

Although it was a story with young readers in mind, I have had some wonderful feedback from my adult readers who, by their own admission “couldn’t stop turning pages”.

As for the writing process, I don’t have plots sown up in my head. I usually start with a single idea. In the case of The Secret Tide, I wondered what a child would do if they were suddenly dropped into a village so scarred with the events of some tragedy. The natural inquisitiveness of the young would be enough to stir up the still waters and get the locals looking in the right places. Without another thought in my head, and no clue as to what tragedy had befallen this quiet village I started to write. Soon enough, as the chapters unfolded, the Secret was revealed to me.

Seeing my book in print and holding that physical copy in my hands has been the kick-start I needed to keep going. Now I’m already planning my next two novels.

Thanks Everyone.


The Secret Tide and Drip Drip Marketing.

The Writing Magazine

Many thanks are due to those lovely folks at the Writing Magazine for including my book The Secret Tide in their Members News section. It was a particular thrill for my children whom discovered there dads picture suddenly looking up at them.

Thanks Again Guys.

I’m always grateful to those that approach me and tell me they have my book or have just downloaded it etc. It really is a great feeling that anyone would take the time out to emerge them in the story that you have created and conjured.

Drip, Drip Marketing:

Although I’m not pushing The Secret Tide as much now, instead concentrating on my next novel, ‘The Occupier’ I do get involved in a little bit of what I call Drip, Drip Marketing. And folks it’s the easiest thing you can do on the move. It’s simply this. A gentle reminder to those kind readers who purchase your novel to just leave a simple review/rating with the platform they purchased your book. It is a simple thing but powerful in promoting confidence in your title when readers first encounter your carefully chosen title and book cover design.

Good luck everyone.

Spreading The Word about ‘The Secret Tide’.

Get yours Now.

The Secret Tide, available Now

Thanks to those people at local magazines Twist and Dronfield Eye for choosing to feature my new book, ‘The Secret Tide’, available as a paperback and across all electronic platforms. For more details about how to get yours go to the ‘Get The Secret Tide Now’ tab above. For those who don’t want to miss out on seeing the magazines heres the picture of me holding my new book. And YES. I did think the shirt was a good idea at the time.

Available across all platforms.

The Secret TideClick to get The Secret TideThe Secret Tide

The Secret Tide is Now available in Paperback

The Secret TideHi everyone. Great News. The paperback version of my children’s novel, The Secret Tide is now available to order from Amazon. And just in time for Christmas. Click on the link below to go straight to the page.

Some of you sharp-eyed readers out there will have noticed the different cover with the paperback format. Unfortunatley due to technical restrictions I had to redesign the cover. Anyway I hope you like the new cover and it makes a welcome addition to your bookshelf.

Thanks again for all your support through the release of my book. In the new year I will be cracking on with my Novel for adults called The Occupier, which will hopefully send a few chills down a few spines.

I will also continue to market The Secret Tide when and where I can.

Thanks again for your support and don’t forget to review the book at Amazon.

Merry Christmas Alland a very Happy New Year.



The Secret Tide Available across ALL Electronic Platforms.

With only two days until the release of The Secret Tide direct from Amazon I have now lined up editions that will span all of your ereaders including personal computers.

When these finally come on line you will have a plethera of choice as to how you would like to read my book. Below I’ve listed the major online retailers joining the distribution of The Secret Tide:


In the meantime you can go direct to the Amazon page now and get a sneek peek of The Secret Tide. Just follow the link below.

Don’t forget: You don’t need a kindle to read my book but you can download the kindle app for whatever device you have.

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Amazon lets you Sample the First 2 Chapters of ‘The Secret Tide’ by Me.

Great news from Amazon. With a special preview of the children’s book The Secret Tide Officially released on the 15th they are offering a sneek peek of the first 2 chapters as well as the contents and chapter names. Just click the link below if you want an early-bird edition of the Tide.

Thanks for reading. All the best. More updates soon.

Click image to go straight to book.

Short Story – The Forbidden Fruit Club by Paul Frith

The Forbidden Fruit Club


            ‘James would you like to kick off tonight’s session?’ Marcy smoothed a fallen strand of blonde hair behind her ear. Soft brown eyes rested hopefully on him.

            ‘What do I do?’

            ‘Just tell us about your experience and why you feel you need to be here with us tonight.’ She smiled and it was the best smile he had ever seen. He’d been married twenty six years and he loved his wife but he’d never been on the receiving end of a smile like that.

            James clutched the community college leaflet between two worn hands. He glanced around at all the faces in the circle until his eyes settled on Marcy. He was ready. ‘I first encountered Lynne…’

            ‘Please James. Outside the group we try not to use names, real or made up. I’m sorry I should have explained.’

            James nodded. ‘The first time I saw her was in a picture her husband had given me.’ He addressed the group now, with occasional glances to Marcy just for a reassuring smile. ‘I’m a private investigator and Mr…her husband had suspected her of having an affair.’ James felt himself settling back into his chair. He released his grip on the leaflet.

            ‘Go on James. Doing great,’ Marcy said leaning forward, willing him to speak.

            James caught a whiff of her perfume and imagined what it would be like to hold her on a crowded dance floor. He shook the thought from his mind. ‘Well it was that picture of his wife. I fell for her straight away. It was one of those pictures where you could convince yourself she was looking at you and you alone. Almost like she could reach out and touch you. Oh but that picture.

‘Her skin was pure white, not a blemish. You could hardly pick out any features except for her wild blue eyes, piercing and so pronounced against her porcelain skin. Her nose was small and hidden by a wonderful trick of the light that made her somehow shine. The camera certainly did love her and I knew the more I continued with this case I would too.’ James looked around at the faces and laughed. ‘I know. Sounds daft.’

            ‘Not daft at all James,’ Marcy said. ‘Everyone here has a similar story. That’s why we started the group.’

            ‘I built up quite a file for her,’ he continued. ‘Followed her wherever she went and got some good pictures too; mostly coffee houses and shopping trips with sister and girlfriends, usual stuff. For the times I wasn’t following her I had her picture with me always. I used to imagine what it would be like to touch her hair and have it cascade through my fingers, to smell her perfume after she would dab it along her smooth neck.’ He looked around the group and nodded. ‘I know how creepy this sounds and that’s one of the reasons I’m here. I need help. That’s for sure.’

            Marcy reached over and stroked his arm. ‘And that’s why we’re here, to give you all the help you need,’ she said. Another smile.

            James’s breath caught in his chest at Marcy’s touch. He watched her as she looked around the group for the next volunteer. Traces of her smile were etched in his mind and a sudden surge of excitement swirled in his stomach.

His eyes lingered on Marcy, noticing the way she pressed her hands together almost in prayer, bringing her fingertips to her lips. James could see she was getting ready to move the group on and he hated that. One more smile for him. That’s all he wanted.

‘Martin. Do you want to go next?’

A tall thin man who was folded into an inadequate chair in the circle had raised his hand. ‘I wondered if I could ask James a question,’ he said with a shaky voice.

 James nodded, pleased with the continued attention from Marcy.

‘Was the lady having an affair?’

Someone laughed.

James smiled. ‘I don’t know. I stopped my association with my client.’

‘Why?’ Martin asked.

‘I love my wife and we have two wonderful children and I didn’t want to risk losing that.’ James looked at Marcy. ‘The scary thing is I know I’m not out of the woods yet. I could have thrown my life down the toilet if I’d have continued with this case.’ His eyes dropped to the leaflet still in his hands. ‘She got to me. That’s what her husband said to me when I turned up at their house with the box of files I’d compiled. He knew. When I couldn’t give him a straight answer as to why I was getting out he simply said, “She got to you”’.

There was a moment of silence that lasted beyond comfortable. James broke it. ‘That’s not all of it,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t stand knowing she was having an affair. It would be like it was happening to me. Yes she got to me alright.’

James let out a long breath as though a pillow had been lifted from his face. He continued to watch Marcy as she turned to the group to move it on. She spoke to someone else in the circle but James didn’t see who, he didn’t even hear what was said. He felt the swirling in his stomach return and a light headedness, more relief from the suffocation he’d felt from the woman in the picture; but he wasn’t thinking of the woman in the picture anymore. She didn’t seem important.

Marcy flicked her blond hair away from her eyes.

With creeping horror James realised, as he studied the curve Marcy’s leg took as she sat on her chair, that his problem was deeper than he imagined.

He uncurled the leaflet in his hands and turning to the woman sitting next to him he quietly asked for a pen.

 He traced the pen down the list of classes on the leaflet, scratching a line through the “Forbidden Fruits” class and circled the one underneath that read “Obsessive Compulsive Disorders”.

Returning the pen he noticed the woman for the first time and the smile she gave him.

He would have sworn it was the best smile he’d ever seen.


The End

©Paul Frith 2012

Thanks for Reading.

Paul. ;o)

The Secret Tide and You – How Will You Choose to Read.

As of writing this blog entry there are about 17 days before the release of the electric version of the childrens book ‘The Secret Tide’ on the 15th November 2012. Not surprisingly, as with a relatively new medium and way of buying books there have been a few questions regarding access and ease of reading etc. I have to admit this is a new area for me also.

In the first instance the book will be available to download from Amazon as a Kindle download. Does this mean then that if you haven’t got a Kindle you won’t be able to own the book and read it? NO. Thankfully all smartphones and PC’s amd MAC computers can have their own Kindle APP which allows all your devices to behave like the kindle, providing you with the ease and comfort of reading your book.

I am currently at work testing ‘The Secret Tide’, running it through some Kindle and smartphone simulators (I know. I’m expecting the Terminators to turn up any second to shut me down), afterwhich I’ll be letting you know how you can access it through Amazon. After release date I will be turning my full attention to the possibility of a paperback version with a rather optimisic Christmas release.

I hope you have enjoyed these updates and I will look forward to your feedback on Amazon.

All the best

Paul ;o))

250 Word Short Story – Game Over by Paul Frith

Game Over

‘We both know I’m not going to make it out of here,’ Jenkins gathered fistfuls of Mackey’s jacket.

Truth was Mackey knew he was right. He was in a bad shape himself but he didn’t let on to Jenkins. He’d managed to catch a bullet in the leg as he was thrown from the jeep and it was already showing through his fatigues. Jenkins had got the worst of it. He’d been driving when it flipped; his lower half pinned underneath.

‘Don’t talk like that soldier. We’re getting out of this place.’ It was a lie.

Jenkins let go of his jacket. ‘I’ve heard it gets dark real quick in this place Sarge.’

Jenkins didn’t know the half of it. None of the new recruits knew what they were signing up for. ‘Jenkins I’m going to go for help.’ It was another lie. The game was already lost. The darkness rules all and it was coming. Mackey heard voices like thunderclaps in a dry sky. He stopped suddenly. ‘It’s time. Here it comes.’ Mackey said.

Jenkins looked into the sky but saw nothing. That’s how it happens. Suddenly he was aware the jeep had gone and he was flying but there hadn’t been any explosion. Mackey and Jenkins held onto each other. At least they’d go together. It was terribly lonely in the dark.


Tommy was as mad as thunder as he scooped up his toys and tossed them into the shoebox. It was time for school.

Game Over.