National Poetry Day 2012 – Forgotten Pathways. Retweet if you like it.

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Forgotten Pathways


I ran as a child, into thick forest green and a mother’s embrace.

The reaching trees and ancient sounds

Told ancient stories and I listened for the sake of my soul.

But I listened with a joyful heart that caused me to run and run.

As a child I ran, across pathways pressed a thousand times,

Pathways I would soon forget as I breathed my questions.


Eager streams left forgotten pathways for tumbling rivers

While we marched past an empty bench to seek and learn

The names of this and that and to release the precious knowing,

To feel the wonder we nurtured as babes slip away,

Carried on a bubbling current or on a breeze or with the passage of time.

I dared to look back over my shoulder into the forest green.


Through long grass rippled a beckoning breeze that only chased us away.

A solitude I can only imagine, the forest stopped, but in my remembering I saw

Flowers sway in silence, picking up golden coins of sun

To throw back into the air. They swayed to the ancient story tellers

And sang their silent song in glorious unison with the forest:

We will wait for you; even the empty bench, we will wait for you.


Under boiling clouds I wished for soothing rain

That I may stay under green canopies and feel this way.

From the bench she held nature’s power in her gaze

And a gentle kiss reminiscent of my childlike ways.

We ran and ran through forest green singing promises

Of one day to return to these forgotten pathways.


This powerful forest green over forgotten pathways

Sits me down on memories bench, marked by youth and time,

To see the smiling flowers dance and feel the sustaining power

That never left me but guided me always back

Until I will draw life from this forest green no more.

And then I shall run and run and run.


The End.

Thanks for reading. ;o)